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Hello, I'm from Istanbul, 51 , electrical engineer & aviation photographer. Love to take photos of aircrafts during take-off, landing or taxi. Almost 350 photos online and its increasings day by day. Most of my aviation photos were taken at Istanbul Ataturk Airport (ICAO Code : LTBA). Hope you like them


TC-JNS Turkish Airlines, Airbus A330-303 HATTUSAS

Photo credits: Alpiee.

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January 15, 2016


You should see OR Tambo international Airport landing strips.

These photos were taken on a road at the end of the landing strip
[imgl] 61005515[/imgl]

July 21, 2015


Hi Astormfr, my camera is Nikon D5100, lens is 55-200 VR , we have certain places around the airport to catch the aircrafts for take-off and landings. There is 3 runways at Istanbul Ataturk and due to wind direction , take-off and landings have been changed accordingly and we take our position to spot them. 41352984 from the control tower of the airport. I take aircraft photos since many many years and we had joint exhibition in airport terminal . This provides us to take permissions easily to take photos in airport facilities. Catch the aircrafts during take-off and landing, you have only few seconds to catch them due to high speed moving object..Recommend to adjust your focus mode as continious servo and shutter speed at least 1/800. Brgds

July 21, 2015


Good job.

Can you tell us more :
- what lens are you using?
- What is your strategy to shoot them without being throuhg a window or wires?
- How did you take this one? How to be so high?

July 21, 2015


Aircraft is something, which is really charming you... something you can watch for hours,and , of course, take nice shots!

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