Avoid useless rejections for the assignment

A few tips if this is the first time you participate to the assignment.

If you picture is refused for the assignment it doesn't mean that the picture can't be accepted as a normal RF image. If your picture doesn't have technical problems, but it is refused because they are looking for something more original, it can be resubmitted as a normal RF. Sometimes the reviewer encourages you to do so, sometimes he/she doesn't. In any case you can resubmit your picture. Here is the tricky part. You don't have to go to the resubmit page and assign the picture the same ID of the file that has been refused. If you do so, the file will go back for the assignment, and refused again. You have to re-upload the picture and keep the new ID. This image has been refused 3 times (1 refused for the assignment and twice because of my silly mistake). At the end it was accepted. I hope this will help some newbies as myself.

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Photo credits: Francesco Marasciulo.

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Great tips!


Thanatonautii: if your image wasn't rejected because of technical problems you can try to resubmit it as normal RF. 4 of my pictures were refused for the previous assignment, but all them were accepted as normal RF.

Robseguin: Thanks for the compliments, good luck to you too

In my opinion this assignment is more about technical ability, rather than creativity. It is not a concept, where you can come up with an original idea. It's all about being very good at taking pictures of objects, and obviously having good equipment (especially lights). I'll try to take some good pictures, but I doubt I will be able to reach the quality of most of the pictures I have seen accepted :(


Congrats on reaching 50 images (and beyond). Great images in your portfolio, and those puppies....so cute.

I too am having a a tough time grasping the idea of a great concept for the assignments, but I will keep plugging away at it.

The idea here is that you're learning more and more with every shoot.

Good luck to all of us.



I just had one rejection for the assignment but that`s ok! Thanks anyway for the advice!


Thanks for the tip! wish you many sales!


Thank you!!!

AR is getting really important!!




I am happy if this blog can help somebody :)


Good that at the end the image was accepted for sale...


nice share and i have been encouraged for one of my file today and have resubmitted for the normal rf image already.




thanks Francesco, so much for the advice it was very interesting!


The rejections for the assignments do affect your AR. I think this shouldn't happen, but unfortunately it is not up to me :)
All I wanted to point out is that you can resubmit your rejected images, and the correct way to do it, in order to avoid to have your image rejected a number of time, as it happened to me.


Agree with BCritchley. I'm glad that you finally got the image approved, it's such a cute little puppy! The reviewers can be very, very picky for assignment acceptance. I've submitted images for some assignments that were already in my portfolio and had sold and had them rejected! I hope your image sells well!


Good tips cheers


Yes you can get it accepted but it still hits your figures as a rejection and still affects your AR. Still it's better to then get it on as RF than not on at all though :-)

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