Avoiding the copyright/trademark rejection

I have been on dreamstime for a few months and, as expected, early on I got a few rejections for copyright/tradmark. I had thought that I had got an understanding of how this works, but alas no as this image shows.

The original image has tradmarks/logos/names all over it - maybe it would have been easier to quit at this point!

Image 1

Clarly something needed to be done so I removed all that I thought would be a problem for my first submission - adverts from the tram, logo from the van, pictures on the advertising boards etc

Image 2

This was rejected so I tried again, this time removing every piece of text or anything that could have looked as though it may be a logo and resubmitted

Image 3

Still the same rejection. At this point I sent a mail requesting details on why the image was being rejected and was told that it was all down to the number on the front of the tram. Also mentioned were problems with the sky due to over processing.

I removed the number and tidied up the sky and tried again.

Finally sucess! I did get the image accepted this time. Persistence did pay off - but at the cost of two rejections working against my percentage. I do however now have more of an understanding of just how much can need removing from certain images.

Photo credits: Neil Machin.

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Thanks for the advice but I find DT to be very inconsistent with their views on trademarks. For example I've just had a golf shot refused and the only issue I can see are the 3 strips on the golf shoes, fine, however a quick search of say girls soccer reviewed at least 20 RF photos with 3 stripes, nike ticks etc in full view. similarly with model releases there are many RF shots with clearly visible peole and no model release and I've had rejections of go karting becasue you could see one eye of the person through the full face helmet - all very confusing to a new comer like me


Seeing all the marks and copyrights on a photo can be as tricky as removing them. Thankfully DT are usually very helpful at pointing out the exact problem. It's definitely a learning process, so in that sense perseverance is very important.


Thanks for you!


Nice article


Congratulations fact many times the endurance and determination helps a lot! bona Easter Greetings! :)


That will be good additional tip for others.
I remember mine too was rejected for the same reason and I had to remove the name of the magazine kept in the basket.
And then it got accepted.
 Drawing room 


Excellent post. You succeeded to get the approval with a lot of removal processing but those who do not have your skill in "photoshoping" will give up at the second attempt :) I am one of them as well.
Thanks for this excellent post again.


thank you to tell us.I also have a image rejected by DT with same problem.


Congrats! Great photo.

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