and the award goes to .......

This is the time of the year my husband and I overdose on movies.

The Academy Award nominations have been announced so there are tons of movies we want to see

– and the kids are all in school so the theaters are free for matinee viewings

(just don’t sit next to the old guy who can’t hear and TALKS LOUDLY through the entire movie).

We try to see all the best picture nominations, and as many of the other nominated films as possible, before the awards ceremony.

Then we sit with our ballots and popcorn on Oscar night to compare our selections to the winners.

That got me thinking about our wonderful community here at dreamstime and all the creative visual images produced by this talent pool every year.

It seems that we should have our own awards night to celebrate and reflect on.

So I’m creating The Dorian (since The Oscar was already taken).

Here’s what I propose:

Anyone can nominate one picture in each of the following categories

– either from yourself or someone else -

Best Picture

Best Costume

Best Make-Up

Best Special Effects

Best Actor/Actress

Best Cinematography

Best Set Design

Of course there is always fine print:

Picture MUST have been taken in 2012

I’ll mark the number of sales for each picture when I add it to the Best of Dreamstime 2012 Nominations .

The winners will be determined by the number of net new sales in that category from nomination until 6 pm EST February 24th , 2013 (when the Academy Awards ceremony begin).

I’ll even go one step further and “sponsor” the Best Picture Award with a 5 credit purchase for the winner

(any takers on sponsoring the remaining awards????)

I'm anxious to see what this community considers The Best of The Best so

Start Your Nominations and Good Luck everyone!

Photo credits: Jimmyi23, Karen Foley.

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Hello another nomination for best film -

"A British summer."

   Elderly man coughing. smoking.   


Igor, it is a very nice image. Was it taken from the shore or on a boat?


For Best Cinematography, I nominate Sunlight Mist Trees by Igor Sokalski

Wow! What a surprise! I'm pleasured, thanks a lot!


Penguin suit is in the cleaners :)


Excellent choices, all added!

We still need nominations! Current tally shows:
Best Picture - 2 nominations
Best Costume 2 nominations
Best MakeUp - 2 nominations
Best Special Effects - 5 nominations
Best Actress/Actor - 6 nominations
Best Cinematography - 1 nomination
Best Set Design - 3 nominations

Still time before the February 24th award announcements .... K-


Here are a few more nominations:

Old Vintage Car, by Miraclemoments. This nomination is for Best Picture:
 Old vintage car with single light 

For Best Cinematography, I nominate Sunlight Mist Trees by Igor Sokalski
 Sunlight mist trees 

For Best Special Effects, I nominate Valentines Couple by Godfer
 Valentines couple 


Cool! I'm going to have to disallow the chameleon (even though I love the picture!) because the image id is in 5043326 which means much older than 2012. Others added.

I did not realize this community was so shy/modest. Doesn't EVERYONE have a favorite picture from last year they want to nominate for Best Picture? Come on folks, keep nominating! K-


Okay, here are a few nominations:

For Best Costume, I nominate the following image of a chameleon by Cathy Keifer. The only problem is that I do not know if it was made in 2012 or not....
 Chameleon Businessman 

For Best Actress, I nominate the following from my own port:
 Worried Baby Holding Head 

For Best Make-Up I nominate Image Number 25172048 by Ana Maria Tanasescu. This image was the 14,000,000 milestone winner. I am not directly posting it here since the image is supposed to be a nude. However, you cannot tell that it is such except from the description which states that the clothing the model appears to be wearing is body paint.


@enigmacypher - adding a link in the collection is a good idea .. will do. Nominations will be taken up until award announcements (6pm EST on 24th February), but obviously the sooner the nominations are made, the better the chances of earning those valuable net new sales. You can nominate any image - yours or someone else's - only restrictions are one per category, and image must have been created in 2012.

Good luck and Happy Nominating! K-


Fun idea! I stumbled upon this while looking through collections and was wondering what the Best of Dreamstime 2012 Nominations collection was all about. It took a bit of back tracing to find this blog. Perhaps a link to this thread in the collection might help others that do the same strange track?

What's the deadline for nominations? Can we nominate from anyone's portfolio, or does it have to be our own?


Best special effect
 Dinosaur and child 


Best costume


Best set Design
 Children's Tea Party 


Best special effects:
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   


Ooops sorry, though I told myself to pay attention when I started to post! Nothing else. Thanks :)


Brilliant suggestion ok - red haired image for best make up or costume please and second for best actor-thank you. :)


@clearvista - while I agree the actor in question is quite exceptional ;-) to keep an even playing field, I need you to submit only one picture per category (one could possibly be best make-up or costume?)

@georgeskyrillos - your Cinematography entry was produced in 2011, so unfortunately is not eligible - any other one you want in that category? others added.

Keep them coming guys - this is great! K-


Best Actor - 2 photos but of the same multi-talented actor, he is a great bloke as well.

   Happy elderly rocker.   

   Aggression-very angry elderly man.   

Eat your heart out Brad Pitt.


Best Special Effects:
 Water Dragon 

Best Cinematography:
 Water Egg and Sperm 

Best Actress:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

Best Picture:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

P.S.: What an idea!


First image above is just "The Movies.": :-)

Here is nomination for special effects:

 UFO Space Alien Abduction, Flying Saucer 

Here is nomination for best actor:

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 


Neat idea. My nomination for best set design:  Small town square at twilight 


Hard to choose... I don't know...keep the actors one.


Sorry and I'll keep looking :)


@lejoch - both added although technically you should only have one entry per category. so i'll have to remove one, which would you like to keep?

@wisconsinart - is this a nomination? I need to know the category, plus expect to see LOTS more from your portfolio ;-)

@bcritchley - Set Design added, but your Special Effects nomination was from 2013 so is not eligible

Keep them coming guys! Also, just to clarify - photos and illustrations are welcome! K-


Best set design :)

   Autumn forest path   



 The Movies, Film, Cinema, Movie Theater 


Best actor/actress

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

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