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Wow its been a long time, here in DT, after reading Carmen's latest blog, I guess I have to be little active here. I always believed that blogs and forums did help in sales, never thought it is helpful in search results. Mani, I guess your images will be all over the search results, may be the images will pop up in the key words your image doesn't contain. Well keep up the good work dude, you and some of the other mates keep this section live and active.

I was little busy, away from photographs, I have to blame the IPL and UEFA, Cricket and Soccer kept me little occupied and some projects which I was struggling to finish.

Ok few days back I was so upset with DT for deducting my 17 dollar for credit card theft, and Maigi's reply to my post in FB was very encouraging. Then I was more upset as I went without sales for 10 more days, I was thinking oh boy may be DT admins did something and my images are not coming up in search results. So i asked my friends to check some keywords and see if my images are showing up in search pages. Everything was ok, it was just my thoughts and doubts, so guys never think DT is screwing the search results. Everything is fair, its just a lean patch.

The image which was downloaded by the credit card fraudster and I lost 17 USD for one image, was sold again today, it recovered my previous loss the image was sold today for 17.31, so in fact I think I gained 31 cents extra.

I haven't uploaded any new images, but I have to concentrate on my images now, wish me good luck to submit more images and more sales and less fraudster coming to my profile.

This is the image which is in the news now,

Photo credits: Creativei.

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April 28, 2010


I think everyone has their ups and downs, but you took things positively.

April 06, 2010


Thank you friends, you know what this image is downloaded again, and just few dollars short my next payment. Masha Allah, this one was quite fast.

April 06, 2010


Hey Altaf! Nice to see you back in action. Though cricket and soccer break sounds great too. :) Wish you lot of fun and sales here!

April 06, 2010


Welcome back, Altaf! I'm really sorry to hear about credit card fraud, but you're well compensated for it) Wish you many more sales and looking forward to your pics from the events you've recently attended)

April 06, 2010


welcome back and good luck for many sales!

April 06, 2010


Welcome back, and after your experience wishing you more sales than ever before :)

April 06, 2010


welcome back! and phew!! glad that's sorted :)

April 05, 2010


Credit card fraud is so lousy, but glad you regained it all after a short while. Welcome back!

April 05, 2010


glad you are back.Great blog

April 05, 2010


Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the fraud issue, but, good to know you regained your loss.

April 05, 2010


Credit card fraud, huh? Who thinks that stock photos are what people buy when they steal a credit card. Who knew? Well, I am sorry you had to be on the wrong end of that transactions, but sometimes it does seem that things always work out in the end. It appears you are official "Even Steven" now that you got that extra sale today. :-)

I wish you the best in sales this month and with uploads. I have finals coming up, so my uploads will be coming to a significant hault. Hopefully my sales will continue.

Good luck to us all this month! Happy sales!

April 05, 2010


Hey dude, salud welcome back ! I thought someone signed you to a private movie star photo contract and you quit micro and DT like I did on April 1 when Angelina Jolie invited me to her employment, lol
Seriously, too bad about your fraud mishap, glad someone else made up. Still, would've been better had you gotten both sales.
As for DT being unfair suspicious or bias , well, as Mani said, DT has professional ethics. In this business, like any, where competition is stiff, the top micro sites do not just simply retain their top position if they are not fair to their contributors . We , ie DT and us the contributors, need each other to succeed.If not, it would be like a baker or a bakery not caring about the supplier of yeast and fluor .

Glad to have you back , bud ;)

April 05, 2010


Thanks Altaf for the news concerning my images! It's really nice of you! :)
Indeed we miss your actions here on DT! Great to know that your loss was compensated... DT are obviously are far from being suspicious or biased in real business! They are professionals as everybody need them to be!
The fact that you've been busy is a good sign also! All the best wishes for you & your work!
Take care bro ;)

Dessie go to my office please! :P

April 05, 2010


Wish you luck, upload more and hope you'll have less 'f*** credit card fraudsters' to your account, Altaf!
Ahhaa, that's the secret why Maen is the contributor with most sales! :P
LOL NIce blog ;)

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