Back in business

After 2 mouths of break from photographing i started to upload again and i am very enthusiast of that


First photos were accepted today and others will coming soon.I have already a list with themes and planning to grow my portfolio and sales too very soon.

I renovated my house and now i can say i have a little studio with much space were i can work very well for now.


These are only a small part of what follows soon:)

Wish you all to have inspiration and good time to making photos!

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj.

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Thank you very much Jianbinglee!


wunderful work!good luck!


Thank you very much Sepavo,i wish you many sales also!


Very beautiful and professional photography.


Thank you for wishes Sgnajn!


Welcome back Gabriel! and congratulations on your new studio. Wish you all the best! :-)


Thank you very much Adeliepenguin for your message)


It's nice to have you back! And what a great start:) A definite "two thumbs" up...a renovated home, a new studio, great images. Good luck with sales!


Thank you Ingrid!I wish you a lot of inspiration and many sales!


I need a bit inspiration!!!
great pics, good luck with them!!!


Very beautiful little girl Easyhwa, very soon i will have a model like yours too:)


Learn from you,Justmeyo.


Thank you Kaththea and Alex for your messages:)


New home and new studio same time. This is a dream comes true! Wish you all my best!


Welcome back! And good luck with the photos!)


Thank you very much Aginger,i like the simplicity also:)


Great photos, I love their simplicity and one dominant color-style! Goood luck with sales! I'm envy about your studio... ;)


Thank you for welcome Serdar :)


You are welcome again my friend. You have a very nice portfolio.


Thank you very much for your messages Eti and Jitka.I like very much your portfolios :)


Wonderful that you have a studio :-) I wish you to create a lot of beautiful and successful images! Your images with people are great... the two women with laptops and excited woman using laptop are excellent!


Congrats on your new studios and your return to the Q.


Thank you Stefaniav ,wish you the best!


Welcome back! Nice shots and congrats for your new studio!


I must to go outside often Rozenn,i like photos in nature :)
You do a great job !


Great to have a beautiful workspace like this :-) I always have to shoot outside, thankfully the weather is good here so I can't complain.


Yes Desislava!I work at cool photos now:)Thank you for your words!
Paul i am sure will pay off also and hope soon,thank you
David it is true my acceptance ratio it is big but i never thinking to much at acceptance ratio and after few mouths of uploading here i discovered i have an acceptance ratio:)).If you upload constantly and you have accepted photos the acceptance ratio will getting bigger by day and day!
Thank you Trottola for your message!
Thank you very much for your wisheswTan510jomast also!
Thank you Ingrid i wanted to share my happiness with my friends here:)
Carolyne i am jealous on you also,and on Sarah because of your beautiful place where you live:))I joke,i am not jealous but i wish to live there:)
Thanks you both for your words!
Yes Enrique it is true i did selling in those 2 mouths :) But it is important to come with few new photos sometime!Thank you
Thank you Anhong ,i wish you an welcome on DT and many sales!

Wish you all a lot of sales and a great weekend !


Good tips. Good luck.


Welcome back Gabriel! I'm so jealous of your workspace :D Good luck with your new images and sales :D


Great that you continue your uploads, your images are very good. The best thing about DT (and microstock sites), is that it doesn't matter that you don't work uploading, you still earn $$$$ selling.

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