Back from my 2011 holiday - Dreamstime

Finally I got back from my 2011 summer holiday. I managed to upload some pictures on Dreamstime, but still I have many more to show to you all.

In two weeks I have visited two places from Romania. First I went for a week in Bran, a small town near Brasov. In this town the tourists can found the famous castle of Dracula :) It`s really nice, and the surroundings are great. So I relaxed myself over there, no internet no tv, a lot of good food, trekking on the mountain and peace...

Then I went in Sulina, another small town from Romania. There, the tourists can found the Danube Delta. It`s a wonderful place, incredible. Even though I`m from Romania, this was my first time when I visit the Danube Delta. When you go with the boat on the small channels of the river it`s so quiet and everything that surrounds you it`s wonderful. I sought many, many birds, I went fishing (but caught no fish :P - I really don`t have luck), I swim in the Black sea, I traveled a lot with boats and so on. But the best thing is that I have eaten only fish for 7 days :)) It was great :)

So here I post some pictures from this two places, and soon I can get the other ones online you may see them in my portfolio.


Photo credits: Andrei Moldovan.

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September 10, 2011


Thank you all for your words! I hope some day everyone will get to visit Danube Delta because it`s a wonderful place!

September 08, 2011


These are lovely images! I particularly like the abandoned boat and Bran Castle. That's an area I hope to visit myself someday. I'm glad you had a nice (and productive shooting) holiday! Best of luck for sales for your images!!

September 07, 2011


Looks very nice ! Thanks for sharing.

September 07, 2011


Congratulations great trip and beautiful photos beautiful colors! ^ _ ^

September 07, 2011


Delta looks beautiful! I wish to go there someday, I am Romanian as well and never visited it. Shame on me. :)

September 07, 2011


Thanks! Amazing pics!

September 07, 2011


Beautful places!!!

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