Back from Nepal 2


No doubt, Nepal is a poor country, whose majority people are living at the edge of the poverty line. The officers’ salary is equivalent to merely RMB600. However, the Nepalese people are so brave and diligent that they create their own civilization, when facing such a relatively material-lack situation. Their spiritual inner world and behavior made me, the guy from Shanghai, China blush with shame.

The Nepalese people knew well how to smile. In the journey of eight days, wherever you encountered with a stranger on the road, the courtesy of smile was welcome as long as you took a glance at someone. What a smile they have, sincere and proper, with no exaggeration or appearance. What impressed me most were their pure repeated greetings with smile in no purpose. How we people long for such kind of ease and gentle in the interpersonal relations. It was amazing and unbelievable to imagine the cohesion of such a nation regarding smile as their custom. What if we own China took this place in tourism? Yet keeping smile made me like a fish out of water, I had to have my mouth into the smile status immediately when leaving the hotel; thus I could nod to others as greetings instead of smiling from time to time. 

Photo credits: Newkoala.

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