Back from Nepal 4

With my best wishes to this country with fruits of prosperity!

I took a deep breath after farewell to the warm-hearted innocent Nepalese people. My muscles on face were sour those days as they were always keeping nervous in lack of exercise in the daily life of the metropolitan city and they were added increasingly exercise suddenly. Lol…

At the first of arrival in Kathmandu, I was shocked and moved by the smile of the Nepalese people. Along the journey to Pokhara on the Swiss Bus with many a western travelers, our national dignity again suffered shamed attack in the terms of spiritual morals. It seemed that it was not a few years’ economy development could make us catch up with the developed countries or even underdeveloped countries.

The journey starting from Thushuli of Annapurna, and covering the twist and twine mountains between the valley of Kathmandu and the Mountain City Pokhara at 2400 meters aptitude was around seven hours or so. The wheels almost kissed the road, moving along the snaked path, and the mighty rivers rolled on incessantly by the cliff. The Nepal bus rode haltingly, which worried me at the feeling of turbulence. In the early morn, besides the thick fog-capped ring peaks, all we could see are the rows of green and luxuriant mountains and the pipes of clean and crystal rivers and creeks. We stopped at one restaurant in the air at the waist of the mountain for breakfast. The driver announced we were given 20 minutes for breakfast before starting the engine again. It was the typical breakfast, curry chicken soup with potato pancake and milk tea as a must, which totally cost 60Rps, which was equal to RMB8. Clear and fresh air as well as the delicate dishes highlighted our mood. While time’s up, the other travelers were just gazing at three Chinese couples who were still enjoying their meals slowly. And furthermore, when their getting on the bus, the plastic snack packing bags of MasterKong myrica rubra were here and there on the ground. How regretful to be peer with them!

I had to admit I would have enjoyed every minute of the later seven-hour-journey if those natives of mine redid those disgusting behavior.

What on earth are we Chinese doing?

Photo credits: Newkoala.

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