Back in the Saddle...

Meaning that I have consicously am making efforts to regularly contribute pictures.. It has not been due to lack of material, simply behind on editting and getting them posted.

Excited to have a look on others blogs, as it has been months. Always get good ideas an inspiration!!


Where to find out what photos are in high demand/ needed?


Photo credits: Maczuga.

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April 14, 2010


Thanks for all the feedback Tan510jmast! Has been a lot of food for thought! Am very greatful for your suggestions, as you have been doing this long than I!! Looking through your portfolio is impressive and so creative! Job well done and excited to see what has yet to get downloaded!

I really doo appreciate you taking time to look over my stuff and give so many suggestions!

Thanks again and will take into consideration!

April 14, 2010


use your shaggy dog , and make it work for a living ..ha!ha!..
no, seriously, make it your model to make some really good stock photos.
eg. playing with shaggy dog, washing shaggy dog, combing shaggy dog hair,etc.. someone who is in the dog business, or vet, etc.. can use that kind of photos.
crop in , shoot tight, use a white background... so it is more usable for an ad because they need the white space for lettering,etc..
with your sales, you can use the money to buy shaggy dog some special dog chow as a reward, ha!ha!.
keep uploading, you need more images in your portfolio with Dreamstime.

March 12, 2010


Thanks Komar

March 12, 2010


lol I know what u mean about being behind in editing and getting them posted. Hope to see more of your images though.

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