back to basics will make you smile more :)

© Keki
Just got back from Sicily to find that I have 102 images! YAY!! also few more sales - yay! a sweet comforter for the fact that my camera broke on the very first day of my holiday!

© Keki
There I was thinking of shots, planning stock shots etc when it just dies .. day one - evening - dead .. hmm no fun! I had my little trusty handy cam though and that's where I got to thinking about how much fun a holiday can actually be when you really do go back to basics .. I took Loads of snaps on day 1 with my canon - thought about stock a lot and technique - also had quite a moan and a grumble till the next day .. for the rest of the holiday it's a load of my son, my husband, goofy faces, food, and the stunning surroundings of what Sicily has to offer! :))
© Keki
It was great!! _ not to mention my husband surely loved the fact that i was not stopping him every 5 steps for a minute to get the perfect shot heehee - it was snap and go :)
© Keki

not sure if worth to anyone - but seriously - sometimes - its great to go back to simpler basics :)

Photo credits: Keki.

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Splendid photos!
My wife is also not happy to stop every few steps - neither my son. But this is life ...
At least I carry my equipment by myself! A little bit of sports helps.


Thank you Keki. I appreciate your sympathy. Best of luck.



Nice shots!!!Wish you good luck!!!


Beautiful images!!! Good point also, in your article. Sometimes you just have to step back and enjoy photography.


wow...coool images


My husband not only hates stopping every 5 steps but he also have to carry some of my equipment. Imagine his face :)))) He would really enjoy a vacation without a camera, but I wouldn't :))))


Beautiful shots! Looks like getting back to basics paid off. Good luck with the new images.


LOL, watch it one day your husband might hide the cam...(Joking)
Nice shots.
Cheers ;)


I know what you mean, it must be really irritating for my family sometimes when we go on a family outing and they have to keep waiting for me to take a photo. Mind you it works both ways, we have to make 1000 toilet and eating stops for the kids. Poor hubby, he has to put up with so much. LOL ;0))

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