Back to my life

Metallic Blue character

I'm back hardly to my life in l'Aquila,

the Abruzzi town struck by the terrible earthquake on 6 April 2009.

Hundreds of lives were lost, and many buildings and art tresures were destroyed or severely damaged.

I hope to show my town in its original splendor.

There are some difficulty but I'm optimstic we have tenacity, courage and solidarity that cannot be destroyed by an earthquake.

L'Aquila (The Eagle) will rise again.

Thanks to Dreamstime community you are all fantastic!!!

Ciao Sandra

Photo credits: Sandra Iacone.
Sandra Iacone
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  • Sanshams
  • Gignano-l'aquila, Italy

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Hey Sandra,

i am glad to hear you are ok! If i heard from the earthquake, i was really concerned about your family.

My best wishes to you and your family


Hi Sandra, I am pleased to hear you again. On 27/06 I will play in a concert for Abruzzo; I will be wondering my voice could reach you in an encouraging hug. Best wishes, Fulvio.


Good luck Sandra.....anzi buona fortuna !!!!


Good luck with everything. :0)


welcome back Sandra :)


With hard work the views will get back, unfortunately with out those who lost their lives!
Take Care