Back to School!

As school season arrives, our mailboxes are flooded with fliers depicting images of pens, pencils, notebooks, bookbags, etc. When I was in school, I always loved this time of year. There's a certain fascination about brightly colored stationary, new pens that are cooler than last year's, and sporting new journals or notebooks. :)

Even though I'm out of school now, I still like to go to the office supply stores to check out their sales. The office I work at supplies pens to us, but I prefer to purchase my own. :)

Is it the stationary supplies that I like, or do I like to reminisce about my school days? I think maybe it's both. I always got excited about meeting new people. :)

I think it's also the bright colors. ... mmm.. shiny...

Photo credits: Teresa Kenney, Phartisan.

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August 31, 2007


Even I had a lot of friends, and had great marks, I didn't like the school, until I get to college. there the thought about studing has change. Now I have only 5 exams to finish the college, but I am little bit upset, and it will miss me a lot.

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