Back to the West

As you may or may not have noticed, there hasn’t been too much activity on my account for some time. I’ve uploaded 1 photo since May. This photo counts as my quickest sale. It was approved on July 7 and sold on July 10.

Anyway, the reason for such little activity is my return to the US. I’ve been living in Japan for nearly 3 years now, teaching English as part of the JET Program in junior high school and elementary schools. In about a month, I will return to my home, New Orleans. It’s been a very busy time lately preparing for the move. Recent activities include spending time with my baby daughter, getting a visa for my wife who is Japanese, shipping boxes, teaching English, and revising a screenplay, as well as too many more. When I return to the US, I’ll return to my previous work which was movie and freelance photography. Before coming to Japan, I was working on movies and doing freelance photography in between. In the meantime, I’ve also been writing and developing my own screenplays.

So, I haven’t had too much time for processing and uploading photos. However, I have taken many, including a trip to Tokyo in April, and several from the Japanese country side. During the last month I’m here, I should be able to shoot many more. When I return to the US and set up some work space, I’ll get to processing those, as well as revising my bio/artistic statement. I’ll also be shooting many of my native New Orleans and southern Louisiana. Perhaps I’ll even get a chance to shoot a fishing trip with my dad.

In other news, I was able to partially see the solar eclipse the other day. It was a great experience, watching it with my students and fellow teachers. However, I didn’t get good shots of it because I wasn’t well enough prepared and it was a very cloudy day. Did any one else catch it?

Until I get some time, thanks, God bless, and as we often say in New Orleans, take it easy.

Photo credits: Reeddaigle.

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July 24, 2009


I would love to be there walking the Japanese markets. I wonder if a photo can show the difference in their street markets as compared to the way our markets interact. I would guess they closely resemble a Seattle farmer's market combined with a NY fish market and a TN farm country farmer's Market. I have a friend there named Leslie D'Souza. I think her name went back to her former name (last name) after a divorce several years ago. My wife and i were great friends. Leslie was teaching disabled and special education at one time. I cannot remember what she was teaching on the Marine base in Japan. If you see her tell her that Marie and RJ (aka Joe) are doing fine and living in New Albany Indiana now. We were all great friends in Anchorage Alaska before she divorced and moved to Japan for the teaching program there. Give her my cell: and i could care less if someone snags my cell bcuz the number will not reveal my identity, but I miss leslie and so does marie. I am excited to see you are a photographer too and would hope that if you know leslie maybe you can take a picture of her and contact me so i can see how she is doing! Gratzi

July 23, 2009


Welcome back to DT! I look forward to seeing more images from your overseas trip :0)

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