Back from the tropics

My wife and I recently got back from a trip to the Island of Bonaire.

Some of the photos taken there have been aproved and I thought I would share them with you.

When taking animal photos close up without the use of a zoom lens try to understand the language of the beast. When these guys start bouncing their heads up and down real fast and they have no where to go because you blocked the only escape route that means I'm going to bite you.

The bite itself isn't that bad but if it startles you and you end up with your south end in a cactus it will leave a mark.

The temp. was great. In fact from where we left it was twenty five below F. so the change was over 100 degrees.

The island is called divers paradise, and really is. It has many coral reefs loaded with fish.

On one side of the island the wind blows pretty good all the time. To the locals it's called the wild side.

This also has some great photo opportunities.

Another tip is to make sure you have something to protect and clean your camera. After a very short time you can feel the salt on your face, and your camera starts looking like you have on a soft focus filter.

And of course you can't go to a tropical island without sending a message in a bottle.

When we returned home it was another 100 degree change, but it sure helps break up the winter.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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Hah, a cactus, you got what you deserved for posting about tropical vacations in this season. :P Those big waves do look tempting and a great background for that photo.


And suddenly I felt homesick to childhood memories of an almost island paradise in SE Asia. Thanks! You sure have useful tips.


Very nice photos :-)
Seems like a wonderful place to relax !


Great place, nice pictures, wow
I had no idea a place like this exists:)
Good luck!


Very nice images, and I could certainly do with any vacation right now :0) Good luck with sales, I like the Iguana.


Nice photos. I could certainly use a tropical vacation about now.

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