Back from vacation

My vacation took me over three months I wasn’t uploading and did not even come on DT. I wanted just to rest from all of my works, and find something fresh in my live for better start. Soon I find out that I missed you all so I think with better skills and higher motivation I return to my photo hobby.

What’s new?

I thought that in three months everything was drastically changed, for me it was lake three years, but I was nice surprised that all changes on DT were simply helping my self. Now I have more images on second level, have better earnings from sale and of course lots of fresh wonderful new images here (some of you have spend their vacation better then me).

So hi again and see you …


Photo credits: Christian Wheatley, Galyna Andrushko, Mohamed Masaaidh, Slidepix.

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October 07, 2008


Thanks a lot, but those in blog are not mine but I have some fresh of mine uploaded.

October 07, 2008


Wow, 3 months as a vacation!

Nice pics!

October 07, 2008


Welcome back, Great shots!

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