Bad camera or bad Photographer?

On Saturday I go with some friends to a Canyon to make some canyoning. Of course that my machine (fujifilm 9600) come along, I was a little afraid because electronics and water don

That was a great chance to make great pictures. Beautiful landscape, and people doing a strange sport.

Afraid with all that water i put my machine inside a plastic bag, put the program on the machine to auto (don

In the end of the day i have 232 images.

When a get home, the first thing that i made, was to take a look to the pictures :(

Result, 226 bad photos, white balance wrong, out of focus, noise, artifacts, and only 6 good pictures.

The only good thin was the day in that beautiful landscape.

I trust my machine and now i regret that :(

Photo credits: Paulo Resende.

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August 29, 2007


I never use full auto. The setting I use the most is aperature priority. Full auto sees only the light being produced in the scene, not the scene itself, and can result in poorly exposed images. With aperature priority and exposure adjustment combined, we can create what our eye is seeing, or something even better. :)

August 29, 2007


The plastic bag was not in front of the glass. Don´t now what was wrong i never take photos in auto mode. I have this camera only for 2 months.
Do you like the Fuji 9600, don´t you have problems with noise?

August 29, 2007


I've got the same camera... I haven't taken a single picture on Auto (already have about 8000 photos with it), but could it be also because of the plastic you had around?

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