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bad habits!

Why always on the topic on blogs are photography-advices?

I mean it is good that, and we can learn more, but .....I think there is need and some other subjects, which would help us too meet each other, to know more about our funny stories, bad habits, hopes, wishes and ctr.

So let me start first:

Bad habits: sleep to long, forget to eat, stubborn...

What's yours?

Your article must be written in English

October 01, 2007


I hope I can lost weight .

August 21, 2007


I am happy people around here want to get to know the others, as this is the main purpose of the blog feature - know the community members.
My bad habits would be smoking I guess - it is really a bad habit and over-protecting people, that is doing the best of my best to keep them safe and preventing them from getting hurt. Yes yes, that can get nasty sometimes and I have grown to consider it a bad habit.

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