From bad photo to good collage

Sometimes it's a pity when photo you like is not of proper quality to be accepted as stock photo or it is rejected because of being a "well covered subject". You may leave it be of try to give it a new life. As a collage, for example.

Try to seach the web for interesting tutorials to any graphic program (Photoshop, for example) and give your photos another chance - to become a good collage.

Sometimes it's enough to play with some color effects, sometimes it takes more and you can hardly recognize the original photo in the final image. All depends of your skill, creativity... and free time :)

Anyway, when rejection reasons are discarded photos you like have future again.

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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WOW!!! I would love to learn how to do that. I especially like the "Nostagia - Green Collage" one!


Nice final results! But wouldn't the files be rejected for limited commercial usage or overfiltering??


Hi, indeed I agree with you, it's not to give up at all.
Cheers :)


Very helpful... I've only tried a few of these but you encourage me to try more. Thanks.


Very creative! Thanks for the tip!


yes that happens to me also.Cool photos.


Cool stuff!


Olga, that's valuable piece of advice. Nice work!


I like the final results. Last days I also whatch a lot of tutorials because I have nothing to upload and have some free time.

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