Bad weather, good photos

I often think of lousy weather days as lousy days for making photos. But, sometimes the worst of days can present unique opportunities for beautiful shots.

Back in the winter, we had an ice storm. Lots of freezing rain and precipitation. But, I decided to venture outside and see what I might could photography.

Here's one of my resulting photos. This perfect little frozen raindrop. Perhaps a good concept shot for cold weather, or bad weather, or freezing conditions.

Either way, for me, its a reminder that the worst of weather can sometimes bring great photo ops.

Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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August 19, 2007


ITs truly a great photo!! I am waiting for my first D-SLR to do shoots in bad weather. Mainly its due to the bad lighting that I cannot do much with my camera. But still I do click in the worst atmosphere. You will know from my portfolio . :)

August 19, 2007


I fully agree... I love to take photos in such days... no need to pay attention for shadows, green color is so briliant :-) I never complain about weather :-)

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