"Bad" weather photography

The weather is bad. On the day that you planned to take some nature images outside. Why “bad” weather should keep you away from photographing some nature? Even in rainy or misty weather you can take good shots. Clients are not only looking for sunny images.

So go out and try to capture the world in unregular scenes. Take some images of the forest when there is mist. It will create a mystic atmosphere. Go to your garden when it rains and take some macro shots of the environment in wet condition. You can always take your umbrella if you need ;).

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May 21, 2013


Thanks Yuritz...... nice portfolio :)

May 21, 2013


Nice shots and keep uploading

May 20, 2013


Good for you, weather shouldn't be an excuse for not venturing out for more photo ops!

May 20, 2013


Thanks for all your comments. I wish you all nice time in the bad weather ;)

May 19, 2013


Yes,for sure images looks great and very interesting!I'll try some time to do this kind of stuff!Congrats!Beautiful pictures!

May 19, 2013


Good luck with your images.

May 18, 2013


In some cities, the bad weather creates a magical atmosphere!

May 18, 2013


I already liked your last blog regarding wet night - congratulations to your portfolio!

May 17, 2013


Bad weather is not an argument not to shoot, obviously! This one was taken in Rome, where you'd expect sunshine and warm temperatures:
 Rainy Piazza Navona 
So keep it up, and shoot every day!

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Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.