Barcelona views from non Spanish photographers :)

I'm from Barcelona and I'm glad to see the big amount of pictres here of my city, I believe everyone is proud of their city ;)

I'd like to show Barcelona views made by foreign photographers, people from Romania, USA, Canada, Poland, Russia,Germany,Sweden, etc

I'ts great to see how many people come to our city and takes good pictures :)



Boats In Barcelona

Building in Barcelona

Barcelona view.

Barcelona - quay in morning

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia from park.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

Horta Labyrinth

Mosaic ceiling

I have a collection of Barcelona `pics, if someone wants me to add some pic tell me!

And excuse my English

  • Titania1980
I got interested in photography on 2004-05, when I bought my first digital camera.

I bought better cameras and finally, in 2006 I discovered Stock Photography, a fun and easy way to make money with my pictures, beside I'm not a pro.

If you purchase one of my pics and want to let a comment about how it will be used I'll be very happy ;)

If you need some specific theme or subject leave me a comment and I'll shoot it :)

If you are from Barcelona or near and want to be my model,please leave me a comment

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February 04, 2010

Very beautiful city. it's one of my fave. I'll like to visit again because i dont had time to visit all.I have some good pics with Barcelona, but some of them i ll want to shoot again, maybe next time. Keep on shooting!!!


January 29, 2010

wow great Idea!!! I love Barcellona...put my pictures too in yours collections, please :***


January 17, 2010

I have recently visited Barcelona and I love it! I have an image here on DT but I can't remember if it is from Barcelona or not! I know its from somewhere in Spain. Such a shame. Anyways I am sure you would know. If it is from Barcelona you are more than welcome to add it to your collection! [imgl][/imgl]
ID: 1224027


November 26, 2009

hey i'm writing on this blog because i can't write on the other one. i saw that you were looking for picture in your collections! i maybe have some if you want to accept it. go have a look, thank you, talk to you.


October 07, 2009

Thank you all for your comments!
@Mani33 I haven't visited our neighbours yet! But I hope do


October 07, 2009

A very beautiful city. I was there in 2003 but had too little time. I'd like to come back some day, for longer - and with my camera, sure!


October 07, 2009

I liked Barcelona very much, the gothic feeling of the older buildings and the colorful streets. And I even liked the newer neighborhoods, everything was clean and nice and you could not get bored. Wish I had more time to see more of it.


October 07, 2009

Congratulations for your photos!


October 07, 2009

you live in a very beautiful city, can't wait to visit again - this time with my camera :)


October 07, 2009

Well this blog brought back my Spain memories, back than I wasn't uploading pictures to microstock. And most of the images were holiday shots.


October 06, 2009

Very beautiful images! Maybe I will be able to visit someday :0)


October 06, 2009

beautiful images! Congrat


October 06, 2009

Great photos & great city! I was there in 2001!
It is an honor to see our city photos taken by foreigners as well!...

I made a collection Portugal with great DT photos... I wonder if you have visited your neighbours ;))