Basic camera equipment for a small indoor event shoot assignment.

If you ever wondered if you need to have plenty of high end camera gears for a small to moderate indoor event function (e.g a solemnization or small wedding) then I will like to share some in the list according to my past working experiences.

(1)The camera body.

A full frame body will be good but if you are new, running low on the money or just hesitant about jumping into large investments on equipment yet, a cropped body camera (like the Nikon D90) will still do the job in delivering A4 or 4"x6" prints.

(2)The lens.

A brand new decent 17-50 mm lens (or 24-70mm on a full frame body) will suffice and is the bare minimum. With multiple parties a common photo take in weddings and events, I hardly use the fast aperture setting. To get faces in focus, don't be shy or feel taboo to shoot your photos at f/6.3 or f/8 settings. When you need to take some bokeh shots, f/2.8 or f/3.0 should be sufficient. If you ask me I can't really handle the shallower depth of field.

(3)Flashes and speedlights.

Make it two, one for the backup. I never buy used speed light flashes for my assignments. Very unpredictable about their reliability on used ones. Entry level models like the Yongnuo works for me. But if you can get a unit with a higher GN number it will help if you hit a venue with higher ceilings.

(4)Flash modifier/s.

I usually need none of it in a small tight venue. But I find the dome modifiers spreading lights in Omni-direction useful indoors and especially outdoors when there are no ceiling to bounce light. It lights up a couple or small group of subjects without fail.

(5)Power supply.

Always have spare camera batteries and AA batteries fully charged and available. Have a habit of fully discharging batteries before switching over to improve reliability of battery and prolong batteries' running and re-charging life span. For camera batteries it helps to get the proprietary manufacturer ones. My past experiences with third party manufacturer brand always result in a bloated body after some charging and discharging cycles and usage.


Proprietary rechargeable battery

Digital SLR camera

Just contributing ideas based on my past experiences. So what's your ideal or recommended equipment set up?

Photo credits: George Mdivanian, Jiri Hera, Unteroffizier.

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Hi Deming9120, For high ceilings, and an area wide and deep, dragging the shutter helps. Some photographers can shoot images still without blurring at speeds as low as 1/40 or 1/20 to get in more of the ambient light. For me I can only do 1/80. I have shaky hands.


Great informative post!!! I do agree that these are the basic equipment required by every photographer.

I also agree that more powerful flashes such as the 580EX II will be needed especially if bounced flash is used in an area with very high ceiling levels.

I personally find that the 430EX II is not powerful enough when using bounce flash in events that has the venue's ceiling heights higher than 3 stories, where I always have to use full output just to get a properly exposed photograph in many events I have done.

The 430EX II will always need to recycle during a full power output, and it is not instantaneous even with new batteries

Thus, most of the times buying a more powerful flash unit with a higher Guide number as mentioned is beneficial, because it has more power headroom to spare, hence you do not need to use full output as often as the 430EX II.




Useful and logical point and article.

Kepp up!


Hi Paparazzofamily, The fast 70-200 is also good especially if you want to capture images from a distance and do not wish to (or can't) go too near to the subject/s. But its too heavy for me : (


Hi David. Your macro lens has a good coverage at the focal range. I had used the Tamron 90mm and Nikon 85mm macro lens and I can say their focus speed is slower.


I usually use AF-S VR-Nikkor 70-200 mm. 1:28G.
I recommend


Your points are all well made.
I like a 28 - 105 mm Nikon macro lens. David

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