Basic Canon Rebel XT

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Settings for your Rebel

Just to have a better understanding for the settings for your Canon Rebel ..


Photo credits: Sonifo.

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Yes.. all the photography I have in here are with the cannon rebel.
As far as advice, Susan.. I am in the dark..
I know I didn't understand the meanings of the settings that is why I have that link in my blog..
There is so much to learn to become "natural".. if that makes any sense..
I don't know what a three light novatron system is.. ;0) See.. learning..
The only advice I can give you is be "FREE".. creative and be yourself.. step out side the "normal protection" of a portrait shot. or any shot. and just be wild.. different attracts people, and never set yourself to being perfect.. 4 things that happen on that..
1: you will never dissappoint yourself
2: people will never become disappointed
3: you leave no room to grow
4: then what the hell are you going to learn if you are perfect

Just my guidelines I guess.. ;0)

do some shots with each setting.. but make sure you remember or write it down on what shots are to what settings.. ;0)
(which I frequently don't do)..
I hope this helps!


alice thanks for the info... i will definitely be reading this


HI, I just seen your web site your pictures are awesome. Do you use your canon rebel for these. I have tryed to do some studio, but I'm not that good yet. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on light setup and camera settings. I have a three light novatron system and some basic backdrops. my email address is thanks

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