Bathroom creations

It is almost 7am. I woke up earlier then usual, at half to six am unfortunately and now I have to drink my big cup of coffee to awake. At 8:30 my favorite worker man will appear to start work in my second larger bathroom.

I bought almost all materials that are needed, bath tails on floor and bright ones on wall, some cements, sheets of gypsum cardboard for bath and toilet, and other necessary staff that I don’t even know how to called in English.

I suppose he will work about three weeks at it, I will try to get you some shots from his stage in several times. I want to create some big, good looking, luxury bathroom, I mention that this is the second one, the first is very small but comfortable. It have toilet and shower favorite way to wash myself at morning, but in evening I rather like to have some long, hot bath with bubbles, aroma and TV, and the larger bath will have it all.

I have very good opinion about this worker man that did my first bathroom with shower but not some cabin shower but a shower room next to toilet. I very content for final done and this man is also not so expensive.

It is something unusual in Poland now because every good worker gone to some country in west Europe for better job and payment of course. This is the mark of our time in history, they say that almost 2 million people have left Poland for searching better life and job and most of them are young, well educated people and building workers. Now in Poland it is very difficult to find good, not expensive one.

Photo credits: Aleksander Yurovskikh, Christina Richards.

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March 28, 2008


Looks really great. I know what you mean there are lots of them here in UK but I think you will find the same problem from UK lots of people are moving away to find a better life. I am having a four bedroom house build I must take photos of that when it starts.

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