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Five-petaled Bauhinia flower is Hong Kong favorite.

Bauhinia, purplish red color, shape such as butterflies, unique scenery, gorgeous lovely, when not grow leaves, twigs, flowers have been blooming, also known as "full of red." Bauhinia Chinese origin around the country are growing, Bauhinia is a legume, is the main spring flower viewing one suitable for planting in the garden, parks, and on the hillside turf edge, strong adaptability, likes sunlight, heat-resistant. Bauhinia flower, fruit and bark can be medicine. Edible effectiveness: a Qingre Liangxue, Qufeng detoxification and promoting blood circulation by Qualcomm, such as swelling pain effectiveness. Fengshigutong treatable, bruises, the wind cold dampness Bi, amenorrhea, Shehui bites, rabies and other diseases.

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February 25, 2008


It's my favorite.

February 25, 2008


Good jod. :)
I am in ShenZhen, too.:)

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