be all thing and nothing ? are you a good clone?

is it possible that as a newbie we sometimes try to be so full of it that we spin our wheels? getting everything but going nowhere, so to speak,

my point for this blog is --- are you an incredible niche, or just a super copy ?

we all have been there before. whether it's in sports, where we try to ape the jock to get all the babes. or in music, where we try to be the next Elvis or Jimi Hendrix. i remember when i was playing in a band, we had a foreign group that played nothing but the music of Santana. the guitarist even dressed like him, and sounded like Carlos. all was fine until one night, Carlos walked into the club.

is this the same problem some of us are having here? are we all trying so hard to be the next top seller that we lose sight of what we can do for ourselves? no matter how incredible our images are, if we create it with someone else in mind, we can only still end up as the # 2. you cannot be better than the one you copy.

is it better to be the best at what you do , than be the permanent #2of a clone ? if we copy everyone, we might succeed for a short while, until we run out of people to clone off our images. or what if tomorrow, that person's images are no longer cool? it's like fashion, or trends, today's flavour could be tomorrow's old hat.

where are you now? are you the best clone in microstock?

Photo credits: Tan510jomast.

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Very true...
however, consider this:
everything, and i mean it: everything was done before, as the good bubble quotes: there is nothing new under the sun...
when i stated photographing a couple of years ago (before i discovered photography i was a painter), i was soooo careful not to look and not to learn from other photographers - i wanted so badly to do my thing only !a nd at first, indeed everything was so original through my point of view, every single shot i made was absolutely mine, in each and every aspect. but as time moved on and i joined some internet photography forum, i was desperately disappointed when :
1. i discovered there is sooooo much to learn
2. all my creative ideas were somehow executed before....

so... i keep the balance between professional photography - which is mostly just a job that must be done for commercial purposes, and the "soul photography" - for my sake only :-)

remember, unlike painting, where you put your individual hand pressure and imagination in every move you make, in photography you are bounded to the technical boundaries, no matter how creative you are, you still can get only what your equipment is allowing you to....


In a world filled with so many people.. it is hard NOT to be influenced by someone you admire. When does this influence become your own original concept? Think of all the musicians out there.. all influenced by someone they admired.. same with artists. Are there true originals anymore? Probably... but most have a hero that they want to emulate at least in the beginning. Then you can blend your own personal creative sparks.


You're right. When copying somebody we lose ourselves. It's not only about photopraphy, or music... it's about everyday life too. People like making some successfull person "an example" to all others. I think it to be wrong. People are all different and what is good to one may be bad to another. And - following the "example" will bring nothing new to this world, there would be no progress.


Hi, very interesting and after being here a short time I have to say I do see a lot of "cloning" of others images. From my perspective, and because of the tyoe of photos I take, I dont really clone images and have to make do with what a situation presents me with i.e. wildlife is hard to clone, however, I may have seen how someone composed a shot and try re-create that in my own image, is this cloning or learning? That said, from browsing the photos online and seeing what sells, I often get inspiration for an image I would like to take, not the same at all but seeing some peoples images strikes up an idea based on their images, where I say its good but instead of re-creating the image or style, I ask myself how it can be improved or made better, again, is this cloning or learning. I have had loads of ideas in such ways, and I write down all of these ideas to work through, the truth is though, I am so busy with my own style still at this point that I never get to work on these ideas :0)


Yeah you are yet another interesting blog, always likes to read your blog,
well as lcjtripod said to be copied is compliment, Well I'm not totally against cloning nor I endorse it, but yeah to get idea from other photos is not bad as well, so far you don't just make a carbon copy. I'm not just talking about images, it could be anything, just for example, stock site.


I think being who you are and doing your thing is the most important. Enjoy life and photography, do it your way and let them do it their way. We will all be happy. To be copied is a compliment!
-Larry "Lcjtripod"


Very interesting thoughts!!

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