Be The Best "You"

Getting exposure as a photographer — and making sales — is all about standing out in the crowd.

But, in Dreamstime especially, that crowd is VERY, very large. So how do you stand out?

It's all about exploiting your unique skills and opportunities. For example, during a fishing trip in Nunavut, Canada, I took a very basic landscape photo of the Arctic Tundra. I have since sold this image on Dreamstime several times over, and will no doubt continue to see revenue from it into the future.

Why? Simple - not a lot of people have stock imagery of the Arctic Tundra. And I've found many of my most popular images have come from "unique" shoots, rather than "technically spectacular" shoots.

So - what special opportunities can you exploit?

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Photo credits: David Webb.

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I have more or less same experience. Most of sales come from unique editorials. But regular touristic images from popular destinations also sell. The worst go isolated objects (though thy are the most difficult to make) and surprisingly, food :( I think this is because too many photographers shoot them.


Exactly.... You have to take advantage of those uniques images you can only get.


You make a very good point! Thanks


Great blog! Thanks for sharing! You portfolio looks great! I wish I could visit all the places you have been to! :)


that's great - thanks for sharing - it's much easier said than done though :)

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