Be deaf for sceptics

A lot of people try to prove me that I choose the wrong way. A lot of people say that I it is impossible to live doing your favourite work. They suffer from their life, but they want others to be like them. I don't want to hear this. I have my aims and my wishes. And I'm going to realize them like the man on the picture is going to fling a plane.

I'm happy and I wish you be happy too!

Your Oleksandr Vorokh

Photo credits: Oleksandr Vorokh.

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November 23, 2007


How very true :-)

I am an expert on Big Dreams as I am a multiple (specifically 6-times) Sagittarius :-) But even people who are more down-to-earth than myself (about 99.999% of the world population) need dreams, at least small ones. I don´t know any single person who would be happy after giving up on their dreams completely for the sake of "practical and realistic" living. Giving up on dreams makes people depressed, sad, neurotic and/or fat. Giving up on your dreams is bad for your health!

By the way, the most successful achievers have always been the biggest dreamers as well. I am 100% sure they had to face pessimists and over-worried people many times on their way. They just didn´t give up. So, I keep my fingers crossed for you, and recommend following the direction YOU have chosen...

Well, into the realistic extent, that is :-)

(And try not to be angry with the poeple who repeat you cannot make it. They can mean well even if they don´t sound like it. They simply express their own experience and worries - and they have the right to, just like you have the right to create your own. No need to take their comments too personally :-)

November 22, 2007


Dear Oleksandr, wish you patience and persistence! Don't ever give up your dreams. It doesn't mean that we never don't need to do the kind of job we don't like, sometimes we have to do it, but we don't have ever to give up our dreams. If we don't, then we always can find some way to do things what keep us (and people around us) happy. At least just a little. :) Good luck to you! maigi

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