Be green !

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Let's change the world, ok it might sound like a utopia, but we all know here that every little step counts, stock photography is the proof that thousands of believers can create something together.

So what can I do ? What am I good at ? How can I contribute ?

Green is good, green is cool, the Hulk is beautiful, meanwhile here is my green light bulb.

Photo credits: Julien Tromeur.

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March 14, 2016


Dear Julos, a big compliment for your very nice frogs! The frog stands fro sustainable en ecological, which is very important in this period of time. I wonder if you can design a frog with LED lights (jiggling for example). LED is also sustainable.
I hope you can design this.
greetings and keep up the good work.
Robert Versteeg

June 06, 2008


Hello , I'm glad you like my chefs ! :)

I can make some more but I sometimes have no idea left (3000 illustrations already :) ), so if you have plenty of ideas for new poses or situations please let me know and i'll make them.

Best regards,

June 05, 2008


Hey Julos.....i know that the world must be green...but this is not the reason why i write this.

I like that you funny your work is...I really like it.
I am about to make a Meenue Card for a Pizzeria....i have download some of your chef........

Will there comes more from Chef....?
Thanks for your great work.....


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