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I took a couple months off from uploading on Dreamstime to prepare for my Russia expedition (5 years in Russia). I also took a break from the message boards on DT. I noticed that my sales dropped by half; most interestingly, my sales of Bald Eagles stopped.

My images of pets also died.

When you do a search for Bald Eagle on Dreamstime, you get hundreds of pages of Eagle images. Obviously, if you are not among the first 10-20 pages of images, your chance of a sale is less.

Once I became more active, two weeks ago, my ranking in the searches improved and my sales increased. Of course, for this short time period, this is far from a scientific study, but there does seem to be a definite correlation between activity on Dreamstime and our ranking in searches.

If you look at your images that have sold, there is a field named “buyer searched after”; this is how the buyer found your image. If it says “n/a” then the buyer found your image without entering a search (either they found your image previously, saved your profile as one they liked for future images, found your image in a collection, etc). If this field (buyer searched after) says “bald eagle alaska” then the buyer found your image by searching the DT database for images of a bald eagle with alaska in the keywords or title.

Here is another interesting fact; during the couple months of low activity, most of my sales were from buyers that found my images without a search. Now that my activity has increased, I have gotten a rash of images purchased from searches. This indicated to me that my stock ranking has increased because of my online activity.

Three days ago, I became exclusive. It is to early to see if that has made a difference but I will report back in a month or so. So my advice, stay active on Dreamstime for increased sales.

Photo credits: Moose Henderson.

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January 14, 2011


I've noticed the same thing on DT. I've not been uploading lately due to lots of travel, but I have tried to stay active on the forum as much as possible. Back to shooting again now that I am home. Hope you stay active too! :)

November 29, 2010


good stuff! I've noticed the same in my short time / experience with DT.......just need to keep uploading more now!!

November 29, 2010


Thanks for sharing it with us.

August 20, 2010


Thanks for sharing with us your experience!

August 19, 2010


Once again, you have provided some good advice. Thanks for sharing your learnings on Dreamstime.

August 19, 2010


Interesting thougths, something to consider, thanks.

August 19, 2010


I am looking forward to your blog about the expedition. Very interesting!

August 19, 2010


Great images, I love them. Thanks for sharing your experience.

August 19, 2010


Thanks for sharing!

August 19, 2010


Russia expedition is for wildlife photography, will issue a blog about it next couple days

August 19, 2010


Thanks for your advice! What are you going to do in Russia for 5 years? Are you going with your family?

August 19, 2010


Okay keep active! That is correct! ;)

August 18, 2010


Thanks for sharing that information.

August 18, 2010



Will work up a blog article about it in the next couple days.

August 18, 2010


Interesting comments.
I am curious about your Russia expedition? Perhaps you can discuss it in another blog:) Congrats on becoming exclusive.

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