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For those of us who are photographers that don't necessarily have access to the immediate news and are always "late" at the scene, well, here's something that might be very helpful:

I signed up for alerts that can be delivered to your email and/or mobile phone.

You can set it up such that when there is some news of major importance, locally, where it might be easy for you to go to, you'll receive a message. That way you can pack up your gear and rush to the scene, snap a few shots that can then be submitted to DT as editorial.

Photo credits: Steveluker.

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September 18, 2009


Hi paul,,you told me to contact you if i needed any help as i am new to i need help but not sure how to contact you directly...please let me know.Cheers
and my email address is

August 22, 2009


Thanks so much for your understanding and suggestion Paul. I really appreciate your mail.

Good luck with your photography.

Mossel (South Africa)

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