Be the Top

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The first article is always difficult to write, I've already had so many blogs which I can write easily in my mother tone, my intention to create another blog here is purely to get the credit.

Though I admit that I feel more excited to write here than other blogs, for I am surrounded by all the photographers and designers from all over the world.

My best friend who is studying her PH.D used to say how nice it will be to do the created job, to be a writer, a designer, a photographer. She said she envy these people. It is not easy to do this full time, especially for me, for I never followed any regular course.

It will be really very nice if there's one day I can do all these as my full-time job. What I need to have is the courage. Now I look back at what I've done the past months, I rarely took the photos. I don't know how many excuses I gave to myself.

Maybe I won't be the top photographer, but I really hope that my life could smile as brightly as these tulip under the sunbeams.

Photo credits: Hcss5.

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