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Clicky is a wonderful web analytics tool to see traffic on your website . I recommend it to everybody I know, because it has tons of features, I cannot live without Clicky I guess. It’s always open as a tab on my explorer so I can Spy on people who is visiting my website LIVE. That’s really cool.

Some Clicky Features You would like:

* Fully customizable dashboard, lots of filters

* Track every visitor who comes to your web site with amazing detail, and view all their history with one click. ( See their IP’S, company names, host names, country, and all other details)

* See where they live (thats one of best features) on Google map

* Name your visitors and see when they come back (My many clients surf on my pages and I can see them instantly)

* SPY ( I think this is the best feature) yes SPY on your visitors LIVE

* Access your data outside of the Clicky interface with RSS feeds

* Affiliate program (you can make money by referring other people)

* Compatible with Flash and Ajax sites

* and tons of other Features

You can try demo and have 21 day free trial to see how it works

I did and I am addicted now, I compared it to many other analytics providers such as Google Analytics , Feedburner, SiteMeter..etc…

You dont get that many features, plus SPY…oh you would love it.

Photo credits: Charon.

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February 04, 2008


:) I think this is good for customer service. Imagine they are on your site, looking around and you can actually email them right away ask how they are doing, if they need anything else:) I use this for the sake of good,
but I would not be interested in their address anyway:)))

February 04, 2008


mhh now I'mlittle worried about visit your site..;D..kidding! nice tip!

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