The beautiful autumn of Bashang

Bashang,one of many glasslands in Mongolia municipality in china. At this time last year,because I knew it is very beautiful in bashang in many ways,I travel to Bashang in autumn with a few friends enjoying photography.

It is the best beautiful in autumn,all the colors of the rainbow in bashang.So countless photography fans rush to Bashang,and you can look at persons with photography bag on their back here and there.

there are silver birches with golden leaves all over Bashang,you can look at many sheep , cows and horses on the grassland,and you can enjoy the blue sky with beautiful clouds,and breathe fresh air.You will feel very relaxed and comfortable.If you feel a little tired,you may stop and sit by Princess Lake,which is clear and peaceful.

It is autumn now. I can not help thinking of beautiful Bashang.Welcome to Bashang this season! It will never let you down.

Photo credits: Jiajianzheng.

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October 18, 2008


All I can say is WOW! I love your autumn photos:D

October 09, 2008


to Lhj,是内蒙古自治区围场县坝上。

October 09, 2008


It's really WOW! Fantastic shots!
Btw, which Bashang did you visit? I wanna visit one once maybe next year. ;)

October 08, 2008


Your autumn sky photo is breathtaking, thank you for sharing these.

October 08, 2008


thank Jiphotos!

October 08, 2008


Wow - magnificent shots! I love the Autumn Sky.

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