Beautiful Bali...another awesome trip

My husband was eager to visit a live volcano and hence the plan was to visit Mount Bromo at Indonesia. Well, as usual I am no extra brave like some of the super girls ;) but as he insisted, I made the plan with a little twist! Since 14th Feb is our marriage anniversary I wanted to hop at Bali on that day instead of visiting Bromo directly. And look at our fate. Mount Kelud which is very near to Bromo erupted on 14th Feb itself covering an area of about 500 kilometres (310 mi) in diameter with volcanic ash. The only airport Surabaya got closed and our flight was cancelled. I felt lucky because it was a big save while my ultra brave husband felt unlucky as he missed the golden chance ;) :D

So here we got a good opportunity to explore Bali properly. As you approach from one destination to another you realize why people spend money and come to such a place from all over the world! It's beautiful man! The natural beauty, ancient temples, Balinese culture, sea beaches you name it and it has to be worth visiting.

We visited another volcano at Bali, Kintamani which is not active for a long time :)

The most memorable part was 14th Feb night. Our driver took us to Jimbaran beach and we ended up celebrating our valentines day and marriage anniversary on the beautiful beach, having sumptuous sea food dinner while Balinese traditional dancers danced in front of us and then some local musicians played violin around us. It was totally unplanned and amazing!

Photo credits: Freedomsfolio.

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I Love bali


Oh great! You got a photo as well :D


Nice adventure! And of course: Nice photos!

Here is a little eruption from the Etna in Sicily - nevertheless our flight back was not canceled:
 Etna, Eruption 


@Fabio...Oh I see
@laura..thank you :)


Really great images! Thanks for sharing!


The volcano Etna smokes often, sometimes a little magma erupts! The real problem would be the acid gases at very high temperatures! Many houses, sidewalks, and walls are constructed with the black magma, typical of the city of Catania!


Yes, will remember this one always! :)


Really interresting and inspiring, and what a romantic Valentines day :-)


Thanks everyone...
@Fabio...U live near Etna!that's interesting and little scary as well :)
Did you ever have to witness the eruption?


Your images are amazing, those places are incredible... Thanks for sharing.


what an amazing place to visit and get awesome photos like you did! and happy anniversary. I saw an active volcano in hawaii, its awesome. just dont get too close


Bali is beautiful, and in general as Malaysia and Indonesia would be to visit with more time (I was on a cruise and steps were forced time). The active volcanoes are very dangerous, I live near Etna that by increasing signs of activity! Long ago submerged by lava a good part of Sicily!


thanks friends. The place is interesting indeed


Fantastic photos! Hope to be there some day. Thank you for telling us!


Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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