Beautiful Grassland,My Hometown

I’ve been longed for going outdoor by my new bought car for a long time, especially to the spacious area like the grassland. However, it’s been postponed once and again due to busy work. work! Always work! It occupied most of my time and feel never stop disposing so much trifle things…what should I supposed to do? I really need give myself a refresh time, I think.

Eventually, chance comes, during the Beijing Olympics Game, lots of enterprises in Beijing encouraged their employees to take vacation, so I drove my treasured car, together with my dear girl we went towards the North to the splendid & spacious grassland.

Perhaps because we lived so long time in the metropolis and always facing the building constructed by armored concrete; can't help feeling sort of stressed by so many people surrounding or the traffic problem, but here released all the pressure & became pleasurable all of a sudden seeing the boundless meadow, where you can see the goatherd feed his livestock so peaceful in no rush; take a deep breath of the fresh air, you can even smell the lightly fragrance of the green grass; you’ll leave all distress out just be captivated by its square-built beauty.

I love the grassland, like the popular songs written“cattle and sheep in group, white clouds in the blue, blue sky, my dear grassland, my hometown…”

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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en , when see the "due to busy work. work! Always work! It occupied most of my time" I think " TNND, foreigners are really contented, stll complain their have no time to rest, let they come to China, work in China..." when see the following...en, I understand, just handshake...^_^

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