Beautiful grassland trip

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Inner Mongolia has long been on this vast land has always been a mysterious feeling that the prairie is also a kind of mysterious feeling. In my young, the awareness of grassland from textbook from the film from the legends of the past. Imagine grassland Baiyunpiao sky is the bluest of blue, the grass everywhere Lulu cattle and sheep, Mongolian girl guys wearing bright national costumes Ce Cycling in the sky under. I am attracted to the grassland is strong, I have been approached her desire to embrace her. In order to better understand the people, in order to better the close of grassland, I chose the way of traveling to flexible. Individual motorists so far this is the first time, the Xilin Gol League, Hing'an, Hulun Buir League, we should all look at the three prairie, this is also the wish of my dream. Fortunately, now the traffic is well-developed, although a longer route along the smooth but still come through.

On the steppes in the summer, like moving in the ocean of green, a green window, a moment that I Laobo intolerable, when I traversed the Xilin Gol Grassland, Hing'an, after most of the Hulun Buir Grassland access to the northern Baltic tiger Chen flag territory, flat grassland hills gradually replaced by a film, V car from time to time, such as aircraft flying in the sky, like ships at sea trip from ear full of the green flew. Suddenly a cul-de-sac at the sky suddenly slid to the bottom, which is really wonderful feeling great!

During this trip, I appreciate the vast vast steppe, steppe of the changeable weather, the feeling of a child's imagination, and the feeling of the passion, uninhibited grassland, especially in the Hulun Buir Grassland, endless grasslands, heaven age, which is the city simply can not see! Integrated world, a broad, inclusive, patience and perseverance, capacity, a series of generous… .. vocabulary influx of mind. The sheep, cattle, and flowers everywhere Xiaocaohu, life in harmony with nature. Indeed, at this time I am insignificant. I think if everyone is generous all-inclusive way, which is really the people. Would be a much better world!

People are willing to care for grassland, where each tree protection, grassland always beautiful.

Photo credits: Mbr555.

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