Beautiful Mingao terraced fields

So long as talk about the terraced fields in China, everybody will remember Yuanyang terraced fields of Yunnan and Long Sheng terraced fields of Guangxi.Indeed, these terraced fields are so beautiful, well received by chinese photographer.

However, a new terrace is getting the photographer's attention gradually.Mingao terraced fields(茗岙梯田), is located in a remote mountain area of Yongjia County of Zhejiang Province.

May 2005, just it was the farming season,many photographers and I drove together to Mingao.More than 80 kilometers from Wenzhou city to Mingao, in order to arrived before daybreak, we had to set out in heavy rain at night.Past 5:00 am next day, we walked for a half hourfor to a mountaintop from inn,many photographers had waited here already.

The rain had stopped suddenly, the sky was getting more and more bright, the cloud was getting more and more red,the sunrise began.Voice of admiration spread from the crowd,everybody was busy with taking photos,wanted to keeping this beautiful moment forever.

Photo credits: Zheng Dong.

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April 14, 2008


Thank you!Welcome to travel in China!

April 14, 2008


Thank you for the story! I admire your efforts, and certainly you were able to capture the moment for us.

April 14, 2008



April 14, 2008



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