Beautiful San Francisco!

Here are some photos of San Francisco

What comes to mind first when thinking of San Francisco is, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge:

Being on the Bay, San Francisco offers a great panorama, with skyscrapers showing above the water:

Next to the financial district in downtown is the Coit Tower, on top of Nob Hill:

Across, in the middle of the SF Bay is the famous Island of Alcatraz, a former federal prison:

Every year, there is an air show, with Blue Angels performing with their jets:

If you go to the Twin Peaks hill, you can see a view of the whole San Francisco. Many people come at night to see its lights:

Photo credits: Antoni Vicens, Ivan Paunovic, Denis Radovanovic.

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Thank you for comments!
Antoni, thank you for your picture! I included it in the blog.


It's really an amazing city.
I can contribute with one of my photos[imgr]7683765[/imgr]


What wonderful city I stay here in holiday in september 2006 !


Beautiful photos! I like the night scene!


My pleasure, Ivan :)


Thank you Denis for using my images in your blog :)


Thank you Joe! Yeah :) that sitcom was going on for a while! I see that you are in Toronto, I still remember looking down from the CN Tower, feels like being in an airplane :)


Hey nice pics, Denis! Couldn't resist but the first thing that comes to mind when I saw all the Golden Gate Bridge pics is Full House - the sitcom.

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