The beautiful small islands of Greece

Having just returned from a wonderful two week holiday on the small Greek island of Paxos (images coming soon) I thought I would share some images from the various islands I have visited and photographed over the last few years.

What is it that draws me to these islands?

Certainly the hot and sunny Mediterranean weather appeals to me -such a contrast to the often cold and wet climate we have here in the UK. That said, this year I arrived in the middle of a violent storm so severe that our plane had to abort its first landing attempt! But that didn't last long, of course, and soon the sun was shining again.

Probaly the biggest attraction is the laid back and peaceful lifestyle on the small islands. Peaceful if you do not count the buzz of scooters and motorbikes and the almost constant crowing of multiple cockerels, of course. Laid back because nothing much is done in a rush. The exception to this is when the, all important, ferries arrive and frantically unload passengers and vehicles with much shouting and blowing of whistles so that they can keep on schedule and be on their way to the next island.

Above all I enjoy walking on these islands often finding narrow goat tracks to explore the hilly landscapes full of olive and pine trees. Of course, my camera always goes with me. Just try and avoid the middle part of the day when the sun is at its strongest and the lighting is flat and harsh.

Greek island images, inevitably, start with pretty harbour scenes and rows of fishing boats but also look out for the arrival of impossibly big ferries expertly docking in the small harbours. Most islands also have a host of small churches and chapels to photograph as well as impressive landscapes.

I have been going to the Greek islands for thirteen years now and as ever, now that I have just returned, the big question isn't where am I going on holiday next year but which Greek island will it be!

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July 04, 2014


Nice images, congrats!

July 03, 2014


Many thanks for all the kind comments! I wish I was back there right now.... Regards, David.

July 03, 2014


Beautiful place, amazing images, thanks for sharing

July 03, 2014


Nice article. Nice Shoots. Greek Islands and nature wonders.

July 03, 2014


Yeah, its so nice :-)

July 02, 2014


Gorgeous shots, especially the harbor! Making me jealous :)

July 02, 2014


Sounds wonderful. Look forward to seeing your newest work!

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Photo credits: David Fowler.