beautiful Temple of Heaven

Beijing is a big big city and has a long history of 3000 years.Buildings of different time and s can be found in Beijing.

The temple of Heaven was built in 1420 in Ming Dynasty.Its total size is about 2.73 mio square meters.

The temple's main building is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests,which is located in the north of the park and made of wooden.It is now the symbol of Beijing.This photo shows one side of the Hall.The three -layer proofs of the Hall are blue and like umbrellas which means the sky.There are 28 poles inside the Hall.4 of the inner round indicates four seasons.12 of the middle round means 12 months. 12 of the outer round means 12 time periods of one day.This hall concentrates Chinese traditional thoughts and good wills of Chinese people.

Now it is no longer a royal park and open to everybody.In the morning under the blue sky,you can breathe fresh air and hear the birds sing,with the thousand-years history flowing beneath your feet.Isn't that beautiful?Isn't that amazing?

Photo credits: Zhang Liwei.

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