Beautiful to watch, too poisonous to eat

Did you know summer end today? That's right, it's autumn now. But guess what, autumn is a mushroom season in many areas. I don't eat mushrooms, but I can help others to pick them and of course these are great object to photograph too.

So, I'd like to show you some of what I've captured during previous mushroom seasons. Firstly, here are some of my favourite mushrooms - fly-agarics of course. These are so beautiful and colorful mushrooms.

Next, i've found one pretty interesting, but again non-eatable mushroom again, it's called Shaggy Ink Cap. And as you see black ink is really dropping off the cap.

And then, not so interesting and beautiful as previous ones, some random non-eatable mushrooms i found in my garden. I only wish there were great red fly agarics in my garden, instead of this boring grey family.

So, as you see, many mushrooms look interesting, beautiful and attractive. But be careful, it doesn't mean they're all edible!

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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Nice pics and good luck with the sales!


Great photos!!!


I love mushrooms. Don't quite no why, but they are all so unique and different, I guess kinda like us photographers, not one is the same or has the same perspective. Nice pis...


Graeat Shots!!!


beautiful pics, love them all:)


Amazing pics


Thank you all! :) I wish lot of sales for all of you too!


Fantastic, I love muchrooms even the boring grey ones of your garden :) The ink one is fantastic, how interesting!
I'll add most of them to my Mushroom Madness collection, which I hope would bring some exposure for them to get a sale before their time is up.


Those are very beautiful images, good luck.


Beautiful shots, a big shame that they are not a popular subject.


Thank you so much for your answer. They are beautiful images indeed! I had a quick look at the key words you have for the image you sold and I thought of a few more words you probably could add: "flora, outdoor, nature, close-up, spotted, wilderness" and the specific name of the month in which you see these mushrooms, like "September". Because I think people never just put one word but combinations of them, so "September, woods, mushroom" could bring you image to the designer. I wish you all the best with selling them! Ewapix


to Ewapix: all those pictures are taken in Estonia. Fly-agarics were taken right on the other side of the fence of my summerhouse. Only the picture of inky mushroom was taken in forest. Someone write a blog about that inky mushroom which also changes its shape. It sound very interesting and then I went to forest just for the reason to find that mushroom. And as you see, I found one. Unfortunately I did not found any younger or older inky mushrooms, which would have had different shape of inky cap.

to FabioConcetta: Believe it or not, I've had most of these pictures online for 4 years and few days ago they were put into 'oldfiles' section which means for 4 years they have not have a single sale. If no sales comes in next 30 days, those images will be deleted (i will not add transfer them into free section as they are too good to give away for free). Only the picture below has had 2 sales, however it is not my favourite of these i've uploaded here.

I've looked through the keywords and everything seems to be ok. I just don't know why these pics don't sell. I've written this short blog in a hope that some buyer/designer will see them and 'save' these pictures :)


Beautiful photos of mushrooms! Well done.


These images will sell the lot, I think especially the second one is my favorite, composition and light is perfect, really compliments!


Very pretty! Love it.


May I ask, where did you photographe them? They are brilliant! I used to go with friends picking edible mushrooms in autumn, one had to be very careful not to make mistakes!!! But one of our friends was a very knowledgeable expert and checked all our mushrooms before we dried them on a warm stove. Later we would used them to make our Christmas mushroom soup. That was a long time ago - seems now like in a different life (and certainly it was in a different country!). Thanks for the blog - it brought back many memories. Ewapix


Great photos!


I agree. Great photos.

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