Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I have many interests when it comes to photography.

The first and foremost is my family.

The next I always come back to which is flowers.

Orange Flower illustration

As I have told my husband they make my heart smile.

Sunflowers in field

When taking pictures of Flowers try to get different views.

Sunflowers in field

I try to not have to edit most photos, I submit as is, but then there are some I just love fooling around with in photoshop elements or photodirector

Flower Garden

Do you have a favorite editor? If so what?

Tulip in color

This was done with vector software.

I love art and creating! I hope you enjoyed what I shared.

Photo credits: Lisa Callear.

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September 05, 2017


Very nice!

August 04, 2017


Hi,very good!!!

August 03, 2017


Thank You That means so Much Mariayunira.

August 03, 2017


You have a lot of beautiful images in your portfolio, best wishes for you Lisa!

August 02, 2017


Thanks Jacostaphotography so appreciated!

August 02, 2017


Nice pictures, Very nice job.

August 02, 2017


Thank You Seawatch1 I am a work in progress. It gives me Much pleasure playing with a image. I do Have PSE 13 but currently use 15. I really like photo director I feel I have more control over my image.
Thanks Patrick One of my favs. Please check out some of current photos.

August 02, 2017


Nice images...I like the slightly surreal 4th image :)

August 01, 2017


Very nice job. I use Photoshop Elements 13 as later editions removed some selection tools I like.
Your work keeps getting better and better.

August 01, 2017


Thanks SlowWalker !

August 01, 2017


Nice pictures, bright and cheerful.

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