Beauty Lighting - by JP Caldeano - Dreamstime


With beauty lighting, I try to get my light sources as large as possible. One of the things I say over and over is, the larger your light source is in relationship to your subject, the softer the light. So for beauty lighting, I generally get the modifiers (soft boxes / reflectors) as close to my subject as possible.

If I want to achieve an even shadow less light, I use 2 pieces of poly board 4”x4”. I position one above the camera at a 45 degree angle, and the second one underneath the camera at the same angle. Then, I bounce 2x 2K lamps off a poly board onto the subject.

Place your subject about 10ft away from the background, so the background goes out of focus and your subject gets more interesting.

IMPORTANT TIP: There is no substitute for a model that has great skin.

Photo credits: Yogiproductions.

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June 07, 2012


You are all welcome.
I dont post more often because I dont have the time, but I will try to be more active with other techiniques or tips.
All the best

June 07, 2012


Great blog! Thanx for sharing.

June 06, 2012


Thanks for sharing!

June 06, 2012


Thanks for sharing, great image.

June 06, 2012


Thanks for the tips. Wish my home studio was longer than 12 feet! BTW - I love grey backgrounds, I just got a roll of Savage Fashion Gray and took some shots yesterday that came out great - in the que.

June 06, 2012


I like to share the way I do my photography. I learned from other people's techniques and some people dont like to share they knowledge, but I love it.
This picture its not the best example, but have a look on my website if you have a second and most of the portraits I have there were shot with this kind of lighting with just slightly adjustments

Good luck with your pictures and sales

June 06, 2012


Thanks for the info, I saw some great portraits using beautydisk , dedicated tools for lighting portraits, on which you can adjust the softness and the spread of light! For now I have only three lamps of 60 W at 6500 Kelvin, inserted in the flower pots, covered with aluminum foil inside for food, but use only for small objects of still life!

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