Beauty and the lute

Pipa, a traditional stringed instrument in East Asia, there have been two thousand years of history. The first to be called "pipa" the musical about the Qin Dynasty in China appear.

"Pipa" word in the "Jue" means "two jade collide, giving off a sweet rattle," said this is a way to play the sound of the strings touch the instrument. "Than" means "strings and other columns." "Pakistan" means this instrument is always attached to the player who does not touch the body and harps different. Before the Tang Dynasty, Chinese pipa is also where all the lute family (also known as the Ryukyu special case) plucked instruments in general. Chinese pipa more spread elsewhere in East Asia, Japan developed into the current lute, North Korea and Vietnam Pipa pipa.

Photo credits: Wangyun.

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January 10, 2014


Very nice photos! Thanks for sharing the history of pipa!

January 09, 2014


Beautiful! Very beautiful! Congratulations! Keep upload!

January 09, 2014


Thanks for sharing, very beautiful images, congratulations!

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