The beauty of Maldives

Winter has begun, New Year and Christmas closer every day. People covering with fur clothes, hiding from cold in cozy warm houses, spending evenings near fireplaces with cup of hot tea watching favorite TV series, reading books under blanket. This is traditional way of spending time at winter for a lot of people. In some places winter is different and way of spending time is also very different.

In some of countries notion of winter does not exist. Here is how is winter looks at Republic of Maldives -

Cannot believe? But it is true. Here, at Maldives, only two seasons exists, rainy season and dry season. December here it is a begging of the dry season. During the year temperature usually around 28-32 degrees in both seasons. It is an islands country with 99% of water of total amount of territory of country.

If you frozen to the bone in your country and tired to see grey sky, hear the noise of traffic, tired of overcrowded city and you want to celebrate Christmas in different way from all previous years this is a good option to do it. And!!!Ofcourse it is a good opportunity to refill your portfolio with amazing beautiful pictures.

Here you can find amazing blue sky, clear warm ocean water, and white snowy colour sand.

You can shoot palms, you can shoot ocean, you can shoot some of tropical animals and birds.

A lot of beautiful flowers can be found -

You can enjoy water sports activities such as wake boarding, wind surfing, fly board, kayaking and many others -

Do not forget your underwater casing for camera or if you do not have it buy it, it is very rich underwater worlds here. Go snorkeling or diving and catch fish in frame.

In breaks between shooting everything inside you can restore you energy at tropical restaurant or bar

Or just forget about everything and relax in hammock or at beach chair under the sun -

Since here one resort is one separate island, so if you will feel you become Robinzon and loosing connection with civilization hopefully your resort not far from capital and you can go visit Male town and to see how is local population living -

Catch stunning sunset moments -

Want to get married? Do it -

Guys, see you soon here, happy coming New Year to everyone!!!

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January 10, 2016


Your travel photos are magnificently!

December 31, 2015



December 30, 2015


Nice photos, congratulations!

December 16, 2015


very beautiful place to be.

December 15, 2015



December 13, 2015


Amazing place and great photos. Good luck)

December 11, 2015



Replies in English only as per the forum rules, thank you.

Google translation:

"You , too, over time there will be many sales. We see that you have an interesting photo composition , and excellent handling :-)"

December 10, 2015


Here in Vancouver, Canada we are into our fifth consecutive wind and rain storm and we find it hard to believe that three months ago the city was in a stage four drought and went five months with no rain. Thanks for reminding me of what the sun looks like.

December 10, 2015


Beautiful photos. Was there 4 years ago. Too bad these kinds of pictures are not more in demand. I've only sold 6 in 4 years. Oh well, I had a great vacation none the less ( except for the 30 hour airplane ride from the USA.)

December 10, 2015


WOW Great photos.Excellent

December 10, 2015


Great photos ! For me ? ... next destination to visit.

December 10, 2015


Thanks everyone!!! EDITED BY ADMIN, English only please as per our forum rules, thank you.

December 10, 2015


Thanks for nice and positive story!!!Your english is perfect!!!I am from Ukraine too :-)

December 10, 2015


Dreaming about this place for a few years already... Such peace and tranquility... Fantastic pics!

December 09, 2015


Amazing images, beautiful work!

December 09, 2015


Very ,very ,very beautiful!!

December 09, 2015


So very lovely! A must see for travelers!

December 09, 2015


Great place! Amazing photos!! Congratulations!!

December 09, 2015


Unbeatable beauty of this place! Great photos. Thanks for sharing

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Photo credits: Lexandr Lexandrovich.