The beauty of stock photography

A couple of years before I discovered stock photography and of course ... this website. I searched 10 of my best pictures and I uploaded them here. Well, being an amateur photographer I stopped uploading pictures until this year when I entered the account and noticed I have my first 100$ gained from stock photography.

Now I am full of enthusiasm and ideas!!

This is one of my favorite pictures:

Photo credits: Razvan O.

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February 22, 2011


Yeah .. now you can say I'm motivated! yesterday i had 2 sales :)

February 21, 2011


Great! Congratulations wish you many luck!

February 21, 2011


The same happened to me 4 years ago, not until a year ago when I decided to work harder... Good luck.

February 21, 2011


That's terrific news, good for you! All the best for your renewed enthusiasm!

February 21, 2011


Great! Congrats and good luck! :)

February 21, 2011


Time has been working instead of you...:) Good luck in your new start!

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