The beauty of stock photography profession

I want to tell you about how beautiful was for me the decision to became a professional stock photographer.

It was year 2006 when after having tried for some month the taste of this new thing called 'microstock', my wife and I decided we could give it a serious try. In that same year we were still both keeping our usual activity (that for both was on the editorial/publishing field, so very close to that of stock photography for same aspect) and started to learn about stock photography.

I had 20 years experience with photography, but lacked completely knowledge in the stock photography business. My wife was still a beginner in photography itself.

Well, to make a long story short, after almost three years from that day, when we discussed the possibility to try it as a profession, I can now say that it has been a success! We have three agencies where our work is sold, and I can say that we can sustain ourselves and our dog, with our microstock activity.

I am satisfied with what I have learned so far, I'm continuing to

improve and learn, the fact that every day the competition bar is rising, doesn't bother me and I'm preparing for new exciting challenges.

© Iofoto

Photo credits: Iofoto, Kati1313, Mircala, Saniphoto.

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Well earlier, I used to love shooting as it was my hobby, now this hobby is turning out to be a profession, down the line another three years from now, I see a bright future for myself, and all thanks to DT, and all other contributors. And Saniphoto, like you many other photographers from DT has been my inspiration.


You are one of the best in DT. You are a pattern of success of us.

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