Beauty Where It's Least Expected

While out shooting pictures of my fiance refining his skills, naturally I started looking around at my surroundings to see what else might make a good photograph. The breeze was blowing very smoothly across the overgrown grass. It caught my eye and I thought, "This might make an interesting Photoshop texture. I'll take a few pictures and play with them later when I get home."

After my fiance was finished examining his documented training, I hopped on the computer and pulled up the other images that I had shot that afternoon. Several of the images weren't all that great, so I moved them to another folder to play with later. Then I got to the last image, and something caught my eye: The dried grass in the foreground created a high contrast with the green grasses in the background. I opened up the RAW image into Photoshop and adjusted the Luminance Smoothing setting to reduce the noise created by using a high ISO.

Once the Luminance Smoothing was finished with the RAW file, I opened the image into Photoshop for further fine-tuning. I pulled up Curves and placed two dots on the line, dividing the curves line into thirds. I dropped the lower dot down a smidge, and brought the higher dot up just a smidge. Nothing further was needed.

The results? Golden luxury.

Photo credits: Teresa Kenney.

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August 21, 2007


I was even more surprised when it was accepted! I have had soooo many images of nature like this that have been rejected. I was so sure that it would be rejected that I didn't even spend time thinking up keywords or a title -- I used the Keymaster's program. I was so happy this afternoon when I got an email saying it had been accepted!
So what is the lesson I learned? Don't judge an image too soon. :)

August 21, 2007


I love finding surprise shots like that.

August 21, 2007


A very beautiful and raw image of nature in action. Hope you get many sales with this one.

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